Greater New York 2005

March 13–September 26, 2005

Greater New York 2005, jointly organized by P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center and The Museum of Modern Art, will be on view at P.S.1 on March 13,2005 until September 26, 2005 and showcase more than 160 artists from the New York area. This exhibition builds from the spirit of its first incarnation, Greater New York, which opened at P.S.1 in 2000, shortly after the two institutions became affiliated.

Greater New York 2005 presents artists who have emerged since 2000. Their work explores both this specific time period, during which New York City has changed dramatically; shows vitality, energy, and exciting promise; and anticipates new artistic directions. The exhibition includes artists from New York's five boroughs, as well as nearby towns in New Jersey.

Selection Process

Greater New York 2005 was organized by a team of curators from both P.S.1 and MoMA, led by Klaus Biesenbach, the first jointly appointed curator for the affiliated institutions. The selection committee included P.S.1 Director Alanna Heiss and MoMA Director Glenn Lowry, P.S.1 Curatorial Advisor Robert Nickas, P.S.1 Curator Amy Smith-Stewart, and Ann Temkin, Curator, Department of Painting and Sculpture, The Museum of Modern Art.

The artist selection process included hundreds of visits to artists' studios and an open call issued by P.S.1, for which more than 2,000 artists submitted proposals. Recommendations from P.S.1 and MoMA curatorial departments, artists, art schools, galleries, and other art professionals generated approximately 350 additional proposals. An invitation was extended to all P.S.1 and MoMA curatorial staff to participate in a five-day review of the submissions and recommendations. Gary Garrels, Chief Curator, Department of Drawings and Curator, Department of Painting and Sculpture at MoMA was among a group of P.S.1 and MoMA curatorial staff members who were instrumental in selecting work during the submission review sessions. Other participants included Dalia Azim, Feri Daftari, Claire Gilman, Jodi Hauptman, Judy Hecker, Jordan Kantor, Laurence Kardish, Sarah Kessler, Susan Kismaric, Christian Larsen, Sarah Lewis, Barbara London, Sarah Meister, Tricia Paik, Luis Perez-Oramas, Francesca Pietropaolo, Joachim Pissarro, Josh Siegel, Eva Respini, Cora Rosevear, Alexandra Schwartz, Sarah Suzuki, Lumi Tan, LilianTone, Gretchen Wagner, and Michelle Yun.

P.S.1 Director of Exhibitions Antoine Guerrero will lead a team of more than fifty installers to realize the building-wide exhibition. To accommodate this process, P.S.1 will be closed for the first time since its 1997 reopening, from February 22 to March 12.

Greater New York 2005 will run through September 26, 2005. The exhibition will occupy all of P.S.1's 145,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor gallery space and will include works in all media. Greater New York 2005 emphasizes the ongoing, dynamic dialogue between the institutions and conveys MoMA's commitment to a lively cultural presence in Long Island City.

A catalogue of approximately 300 pages will be produced in conjunction with Greater New York 2005 and will serve as an important resource. The catalogue will document trends, process, and media explored by the artists in the exhibition. The catalogue will include an introduction by Klaus Biesenbach as well as texts on each artist in the exhibition written by P.S.1 and MoMA curators.



The exhibition is made possible by Altria Group, Inc., Lily Auchincloss Foundation, and Pamela and Richard Kramlich.

Generous support is provided by Jerry I. Speyer and Katherine G. Farley, LawtonW. Fitt, The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation, David Teiger, National Endowment for the Arts, Patricia Phelps de Cisneros, Kathleen and Richard S. Fuld, Jr., Agnes Gund and Daniel Shapiro, Donald B. and Catherine C. Marron, Millennium Partners, Peter Norton and the Peter Norton Family Foundation, Michel Zaleski, Samsung Electronics America, Julia Stoschek, Emily and Jerry Spiegel, Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman, Sue & Edgar Wachenheim Foundation, The Friends of Education and The International Council of The Museum of Modern Art, and Sarah-Ann and Werner H. Kramarsky.

Additional funding is provided by The Contemporary Arts Council and The Junior Associates of The Museum of Modern Art.