El real viaje Real/The Real Royal Trip

October 12, 2003–January 1, 2004

El real viaje Real / The Real Royal Trip's theme takes its historical reference from Columbus's fourth journey to the New World, during which he traveled from Spain to the Caribbean islands and the coast of Latin America. From the outset, the journey was plagued by conflict: Columbus and his crew encountered malaria, hostile natives, and a hurricane. Nevertheless, the contact between Spain and America that was initiated eventually led to great transcultural exchange. Curator Harald Szeemann views this exhibition as the "real" royal trip: El real viaje Real/The Real Royal Trip is "a celebration, in this contemporary trip of art, pleasure, and adventure." The artists selected for this exhibition share a common energy that embodies knowledge, beauty, and spirituality, an energy that defines a unifying metaphor for this contemporary voyage. This cultural project unites Spanish and Latin American artists whose works are in tune with the prevailing discourses in contemporary international art.

The artists included in this exhibition of painting, sculpture, photography, video, and installation are Antoni Abad (b. 1956, Lleida, Spain), Ana Laura Alez (b.1964, Bilbao, Spain), Pilar Albarracín (b. 1968, Sevilla, Spain), Tania Bruguera (b. 1968, Havana, Cuba), Carlos Congost (b. 1970, Girona, Spain), Justo Gallego (b.1925, Mejorada del Campo, Spain), Carmela García (b. 1964, Lanzarote, Spain), Alicia Martín (b. 1964, Madrid, Spain), Enrique Marty (b. 1969, Salamanca, Spain), Mateo Mat (b. 1964, Madrid, Spain), Priscilla Monge (b. 1968, San Jos, Costa Rica), Ernesto Neto (b. 1964, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Sergio Prego (b. 1965, Bilbao, Spain), Cristina García Rodero (b. 1949, Puertollano, Spain), Fernando Sánchez Castillo (b. 1970, Madrid, Spain), Santiago Sierra (b. 1966, Madrid, Spain), Néstor Torrens (b. 1954, Tenerife, Spain), Eulalia Valldosera (b. 1963, Barcelona, Spain), Javier Velasco (b. 1963, Seville, Spain), and El Perro (who, for this project, collaborated with PSJM and Aitor Mendez).

Thirteen of these artists are being exhibited in the United States for the first time. This exhibition can be viewed in P.S.1's outdoor galleries, first floor galleries, duplex, vault, and café.

  • Mateo Maté
    Fallen Paint (1997)
    Lamina and frame
    Courtesy Galería Oliva Arauna
    Photograph by Manuel Blanco

  • Alice Martín
    Contemporaries (2002)
    Books and wood
    Collection Musac, Leon
    Courtesy Galería Oliva Arauna
    Photography by Mario Marqueríe

  • Enrique Marty
    The Madmen (2002)
    Sculpture and watercolor on wall
    Courtesy Galería Espacio Minimo


El real viaje Real/The Real Royal Trip is curated by Harald Szeemann.

The exhibition, which is accompanied by a bilingual catalogue edited by Alanna Heiss, is presented first in New York and will travel to Museo Patio Herreriano in Valladolid, Spain.

This exhibition is made possible by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Office of Cultural and Scientific Relations). Additional support is provided by the Castilla y León Regional Government, the Fundación ICO, and LG Electronics.

Thanks also to the Canary Islands Government, the Andalusian Regional Government, and Iberia.