Long-term Installations

James Ferraro: Saint Prius


Musician James Ferraro composed Saint Prius (2014) as hold music specifically for MoMA PS1’s phone system. The work was originally presented as part of Ferraro’s first museum exhibition, 100% (2014), which featured new compositions installed within the infrastructure of MoMA PS1. For Ferraro, hotel lounge playlists, elevator music, and ringtones have become psychological and architectural components of the space of commerce and daily life. Such audio helps smooth interactions between people, and between individuals and computer systems. 100% examined automated systems in order to highlight moments when such systems fail or malfunction, interrupting the flow of communication and capital. In addition to Saint Prius, the exhibition included Dubai Dream Tone (2014), an 18-minute work made for the MoMA PS1 elevator; and Eco - Savage Suite, a group of 18 ringtones available for download on a special page of the museum website. To experience Saint Prius call (718) 784-2084 during museum hours.