The Logic of Association

December 12, 2010–April 4, 2011

Since new forms of information theory and systems analysis developed in the 1960s, artists have continually explored their creative potential, often turning the rational assumptions of such disciplines against themselves. This exhibition features six who borrow from the visual languages of science, advertising and pedagogy, using systems of classification and information design as allegories rather than explanations.

Artists include: Eric Duyckaerts, Matt Mullican, Peter Piller, Hanna Sandin, Alexandre Singh, and Stephen Willats.

  • Matt Mullican
    (Organization Legend) - 1988
    Photo: Matthew Septimus

  • Installation View:
    Hanna Sandin, Stephen Willats
    Photo: Matthew Septimus


The Logic of Association is organized by Peter Eleey, Curator of MoMA PS1.