GNY: Rotating Gallery 2

June 19–July 25, 2010

In conjunction with the Greater New York exhibition, the Rotating Gallery has offered space for additional curatorial voices, namely four New York-based curators who work without a regular physical space. By inviting the involvement of these curators, Greater New York engages not only emerging artists in the area, but also the curators who work with them. While the larger exhibition is the result of a collaboration between three curators, the Rotating Gallery offers a more singular view of new art in New York. Rotating Gallery is on view in the First Floor Drawing Gallery.

The second rotation, the backroom organized by ICI Executive Director Kate Fowle , opens June 19.

the backroom invites the exhibitors to present source materials that inform and support their thinking, extending the potential for getting to know the artists and their work. More akin to a temporary archive and reading room than an exhibition, the backroom consists of participant’s influences, inspiration, and research.

Visitors are invited to browse the materials according to their own interests, or search by referencing the binders that catalogue the items submitted by each artist. In this way, the audience takes on the role of archaeologist, learning more about the artistic processes behind the art practice. The result echoes ICI’s longstanding New York Studio Events, where first-hand experiences with artists’ in their studio has given many people insight into practices as they are in development


Rotation 1 - Olivia Shao: May 7 - June 13, 2010
Rotation 2 - Kate Fowle: June 19th -July 25, 2010
Rotation 3 - Cecilia Alemani: July 31 -Sept. 5, 2010
Rotation 4 - Clarissa Dalrymple: Sept. 11 - Oct. 17, 2010