Sept 18: GNY Cinema, Performance by Trisha Baga

Saturday, September 18, 2010
3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Trisha Baga
Madonna y el Niño
GNY: Cinema
Saturday, September 18 at 3pm

Described by the artist as both “an interdimensional romance” and “a non-fiction Filipino folk tale,” Trisha Baga’s Madonna y el Niño combines and reshapes ephemera of the iconic global celebrity—photos, official tour videos, DVD menus, interviews—with references to the El Niño weather phenomenon and the artist’s own performances. She visibly alters numerous media artifacts off her computer’s desktop, both in real time and through recorded clips, at times physically inserting herself into the beam of her projector or signaling her manipulations via live feeds from her laptop’s camera. The results are dense audio-visual palimpsests, drawing out the dissonant strangeness of Madge’s later career. Baga has called this collision of cultural detritus “a metaphor for changes in the pop landscape brought about by digitization and the internet,” and it also operates in more ineffable registers, like cryptic transmissions from an aging star.



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