January 23: Saturday Sessions presents Shattered Patterns featuring Metalux = MV Carbon and J. Gräf, Lara Grant, and Cammisa Forrest

Saturday, January 23, 2010
4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

For their Saturday Sessions performance, Metalux = MV Carbon and J. Gräf will use hand built instruments, circuits, electromagnetics, tape machines and electronics to create dark, shady, picturesque compositions.

MV Carbon
is a Brooklyn based musician and artist.  She is recognized for her unconventional approach to music and her use of tape machines, cello and circuit bent devices.  Her orchestrations are designed to form visualizations as the woven sounds swell, stutter, contort, enlight, and resort to darkness.  She is interested in discovering the place in music that flutters between the serene and the overwhelming. She has performed nationally and internationally with her solo project as well as in collaborations with Tony Conrad, Aki Onda, and with the dark wave duo, Metalux.

J. Gräf is an artist and improviser who works with various mediums. She is concerned with the construction of sounds in order to radically shift social space. Using sound, video and collaborative performance that often take cues from the "audience" to direct the work, her work addresses such broad issues as gender, age, and social convention. Her improvisation and scored pieces include long-term investigations such as The Guitars Project and Proud Flesh.

With a background in fashion and textile design, Lara Grant's work often features "wearable technology." Her performance, 16th and Mission, will include the telling of the relationship between creator, medium and machine within the realm of fashion design. It will be comprised of two sewing machines, each producing noise in conjunction with conductive fabric, thread, microphones and built-in machine mods.

Musician and artist Cammisa Forrest has a background in collaborative, performative works. Her experiments with melody and dissonance combined with her sculptural studies at the New School has driven her to hand build her own instruments with which she explores the sonic, visual, and sensual world of experience. For Saturday Sessions, she will play a handmade pipe organ with a vacuum cleaner.



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