Mark Schubert

Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Rapture, beer cans, foam and paint, 6x144x67 inches.
Merry Joe, plastic lawn ornaments, wood, resin, fiberglass paint and metal, 40x40x73 inches.
SB-3, aluminum canoe, resin, fiberglass and paint, 43x55x64 inches.
Brutus, plastic lawn chairs, resin and paint, 36x40x58 inches.
Artist's Statement

  The materials I choose are disposable and to some extent local; Plastic chairs, car top carriers, coolers, metal drums and other remnants of consumer society. The intersection of the squeezed, bulbous, and almost cartoonish forms, with the cut scrambled plastic and metal creates the exact tension I seek; a pathetic, goofy and deflated kind of contemporary violence.   


b.  1977
2000 Graduate course work University of Iowa, Iowa City.
1999 BFA University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI.
Lives and works in Brooklyn NY.