Zahava Rozman

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Title: A Plan; Size: 46"w x 30"h; Medium: mixed media on paper.
Title: Interior; Size: 30"w x 22"h; Medium: mixed media on paper.
Title: Following the Line; Size: 30"w x 22"h; Medium: pencil and crayon on paper.
Title: Layers; Size: 22"w x 30"h; Medium: ink and gouache on paper.
Title: Those Who Perished; Size: 32.5"w x 26"h; Medium: wax on paper.
Artist's Statement

My works are an exploration into my imagination, dreams, and subconscious thoughts. My process is intuitive–no preconceived plans–just being present at the moment. The materials and mediums I use arise from necessity; what best expresses the story. I use wax, resin, photography, inks, pencils, oil sticks, alone or combined. Memories, family history, and experiences are recurring themes in my work. I not only enjoy the act of creation, but hearing the stories that my artwork provokes in the viewer. It's my way of sharing and communicating with others.



Master of Arts-New York University, 1992–New York.

Bachelor of Fine Arts–Pratt Institute. Graduated with honors 1976–Brooklyn, New York.

Art Students League, New York.
Represented in numerous private collections. Have exhibited in New York and in Europe.