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Yuriko Katori

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Mixed Media on Paper, 2012, 22'x30'
Mixed Media on Paper, 2012, 22'x30'
Mixed Media on Paper, 2012, 22'x30'
Mixed Media on Paper, 2012, 22'x30'
Mixed Media on Paper, 2012, 22'x30'
Artist's Statement

My paintings are a result of the construction and destruction of innumerable images. Layers of acceptance and declination are woven throughout my works. Realized in the form of unidentifiable marks and splotches, images often melt into ambiguity or shatter into fragments. My works complicate the notions of a “finished” or “unfinished” work.
My work is a field where different media interact with each other. Materialized by pencil lines, eraser debris, revision marks, collection fluid, coffee, glitter glue, and daily objects, these interactions and the coexistence of these media result in unexpected images. Through multiple iterations of revisions, an image is gradually built and a painting representing recursive visual processes emerges.
I often refer to folklore and mythology that tell of mysterious incidents between humans and nature. I play with the original texts and translate them into images that represent contemporary issues.


Yuriko Katori was born and raised in Ibaraki, Japan and currently lives and works in New York. She received her BA in Literature from Waseda University in Tokyo and MFA from the School of Visual Arts.
Her work has been shown internationally in numerous solo and group shows in various galleries, including Kokoro Studio in San Francisco, National Arts Club in New York, The Pyramida Centre for Contemporary Art in Israel, 20/20 gallery in New York.
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