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Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
occupied, collagraph, monotype, 22x 30 in, 2012
music of circus, wire sculpture, installation/ variable dimensions, 2011
Circus tent, hand-sewn printed fabric and wood, 8 x 11 feet in diameter, 2013
The body rooted, charcoal, glue and thread on paper fabric, 42 in x 9 feet, 2013
The woman, painted and hand-sewn fabric and papers, 47 x 75 x 5 in., 2013
Artist's Statement

My works consist of emotions along with memories and traumas from my childhood.
I think things have two sids as front side and back side.
I strongly believe there are two faces in human emotion and they are not visible.

I create a lot of works related to circus.
Since I was a child I have seen many circuses, and all of them were different and unique but for me the unifying theme was frontstage and backstage, light and darkness.
I think circus has every gradation of feeling from joy to grief.
I represent my emotions to my works with various medium.

I often use wire to express my imagination.
Wire could be very playful, It moves spontaneously and drives my imagination far away.


Yuko was raised in Japan and moved to New York in 2008.
She studied printmaking and mixed media at National Academy School and Museum, 2008- 2013.
She received numerous scholarships and award at galleries and school in NY.