Yi Xin Tong

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"The Distribution of Hypotheses" video (2'46" loop)
"Cello" plywood, plinth, seamlessly looped video projection
"In the Two-dimensional Field of Retrospective Future" video (2'24" loop)
"Mining Sun, Under Ground" steel staircase, Fresnel
"Enlightenment" fluorescent dome lamps, stands, dark room
Yi Xin
Artist's Statement

Yi Xin Tong works with moving and still images, sound, three-dimensional objects, and words. Cultural and natural landscape, metaphysics, musicality of the mute, visual art as writing, and the dialectics of poetry and naïveté are subjects he is studying. Yi Xin is attracted to the phenomena of knowledge formation in relation to human history, and his work derives from the elusive clashing of discrepant epistemologies. Drawn to the historical scent of archival materials, he collects and forges dispersed knowledge fragments to create new and fictitious scenarios.