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Yae Ly

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
Oil on Canvas, 162.2×130.3cm,2014
Oil on Canvas, 162.2×130.3cm,2014
Oil on Canvas, 162.2×130.3cm,2014
Artist's Statement

Throughout her life, being the child of a father who travels a lot in his business, she also has traveled and lived in multiple homes (Indonesia, Korea, NY) In one year, She goes back and forth between them all.

Her work is about home. A home represents a space that is the most comforting and friendly place. “Inside the home,” “outside the home,” “environment,” and even “country” represents “home” for some including her. Her home contains her entire life story. Over the years it has absorbed her traces and memories and has become the most private reservoirs of joy and sorrow, play, study, intimate thoughts and household chores; it has become her entire being. Each home has its own story and therefore its own feel. Because of these daily life activities, though the same, have very different feelings depending on whether they occur “inside the home,” or “outside the home.” Such daily activities nurture her joy and inspire her work.


She is a painter, sculptor, and installation artist. She graduated from Hong- ik University (BFA) and School Of Visual Arts (MFA) and she currently works in Korea and United States.