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Winicjusz Lysik

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"Free Diver" oil on linen 64"x208" w/mixed media figure
"The Doctor" oil on linen 82"x64"
"Colors" oil on linen 82"x64"
"The Painter" (after Freud) oil on linen 64"x52"
"Portal" oil on linen 52"'x64"
Artist's Statement

My paintings feature visual symbols of communication-alphabets, numerals-that are portals to understanding different languages, religions and cultures. The network of crisscrossing trenches created by nature and man exists in the material world as well as the subconscious.
Art captures the present moment. When I complete a painting, it is no longer “mine” It belongs to the past. I live in the present.  My newest paintings are always closest to me-communicating my emotions and reactions to what is happening in the world around me. I’m living in the trenches looking for the portal.


Graduated the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY since 1982