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William Graef

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Waltopithecus 2008 28" tall Bone, plastic, resin
Trophy Wife 2008 24" long Bone, resin
Barbinoid Americanis 2008 Plastic, resin, metal
Holy Ghost 2008 Epoxy putty, Balsa, marble base
Mr. Natural 2008 Paper Bible pages on cast polyurethane
Artist's Statement

When John Lennon commented “we're more popular than Jesus ", the vitriol in the American Bible belt caused a backlash that quickly spread around the globe. In Mytheum -- well-crafted, anatomically convincing cast-resin skulls and skeletons of American icons, William Graef wades into Lennon territory. Standing the notion of forensic archaeology on its head, Graef offers biological evidence where none should exist. Unreal scientific evidence of the unreal embraced, is real scientific evidence of the real rejected, as human evolution is now spurned by an increasing number of Christians in America. There is irony and deadpan humor in all of this work, but also homage and a pining after a mid-20th century American innocence and earnestness. In their place Graef reveals a divided, bewildered and bewildering country, neutered and dazed with a confounding blend of materialism, technology, and religious and political fundamentalism.


1994-2010 Newhouse Contemporary Art, Humanities Gallery, Java Gallery, PS122, Umbrella Arts, Cynthia Broan, Arts Center, B-Side, Galapagos, Dumbo Art, New-York Historical Society, MMC, Exit Art, The Botolph Club, WAH Center, Eyewash, Jersey City Art, 450 Broadway, Eyewash, Right Bank, Andy Warhol Museum, Everything Is Everything, OIA, Kenneth Winslow, 420 West Broadway, 80 Washington Square, Amelie Wallace, Germans Van Eck, Awards/Fellowships/Collections Art In Embassy Program, Franconia Sculpture Park Jerome Fellowship, Jamaica Arts Window Installation, City of New York Artist Certification,The MacDowell Colony, Pernod Liquid Art Awards, Printed Matter, Education Pratt Institute BFA, University of Michigan, Bibliography Hamburger, Susan WaterfrontWeek, Schmerier, Sarah Time Out, Kalm, James NY Arts, Angel, Karen, The Village Voice, Skenazy, Lenore, The Daily News, Harrison, Helen A The New York Times