Will Hutnick

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Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Old Dog, 2012, acrylic, oil, spray paint and tape on paper, 30 x 44"
Boot Campe Space Suit, 2012, acrylic, spray paint and tape on paper, 22 x 30"
What Makes You Think I Want to Drink Your Wine?, 2013, acrylic, ink, spray paint and tape on paper, 30 x 44"
It's A You And Me House, 2012, acrylic, ink, spray paint and tape on paper, 106 x 60"
Marbles In Your Lungs, 2012, acrylic, ink, spray paint and tape on paper, 30 x 22"
Artist's Statement

John Cage wrote that he “permits a work to occur.” In my work I am more and more interested in this phenomenon through an investigation with material and process as they relate to randomness and chance operations. I am interested in the relationship between work and play and the idea of failure as an intention. My fascination with childhood games, playing, Dominoes and Mousetrap led to my latest body of work composed of mixed media and discarded objects. The works are based upon mono-prints and physical challenges which uses repetition and humor to take the work to unpredictable places. Most of the time it’s as if I am just tagging along and watching the work unfold. Using mono-printing as a means to depict a moment of suspension, transition and potential, I hope to facilitate a conversation about the dynamic between chance and impermanence.


Will Hutnick received his B.A. in Painting, Art History and Music from Providence College, Providence, RI in 2007 and his M.F.A. in Painting from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, 2011. Recent exhibitions include "Bachelorette Party" at Loft 594 in Bushwick, the 2012 Governors Island Art Fair, and the Center for Contemporary Art Juried Exhibition in Bedminster, NJ, as well as curating "ONE AND DONE" with Polly Shindler at LaunchPad in Brooklyn. He lives in Brooklyn and has a studio in Bushwick.