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Wendy Klemperer

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
River Elk Swimming, 2005, steel, 82 X 96 X 56", detail of four sculptures installed in and on the banks of the Housatonic River
Circle of Wolves, 2001, steel, epoxy, 4 sculptures on 35' raised earth mound, permanent installation, Henry Lay Sculpture Park,
Walking Elk, 2005, steel, 93 X 108 X 44", detail of installation at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens, VA
White Lynx, 2009, steel, washers, epoxy, 32 X 69 X 34", installation at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, Boothbay
Shadow Migration, 2008, steel, steel cut-outs, paper cut-outs, shadows, 30 X 228 X 24", photo of work in progress
Artist's Statement

It’s physically engaging to make something bigger than me, so my sculptures of animals are larger than life. Exaggerated scale reflects the huge space a beast holds in the imagination, basis for legend and myth. Often the animals depicted in my work are endangered, representing disappearing species. Decimated on purpose or inadvertently, they differ from extinct species: not erased completely, they survive on the fringes of the developed world. Presence and absence fluctuate in my sculptures: networks of steel lines draw the form, insubstantial as the ephemeral glimpse of a wild creature. Environment pierces the negative space between lines; emptiness infiltrates the work, echoing the absence of the animal. Rebar speaks its legacy of the scrap yard; demolition provides new life. Refuse from the industrial world uses the body language of animals to convey emotion with motion and re-imagines creatures threatened, but still potent.


Klemperer received residency grants from the Skowhegan School, The MacDowell Colony, The Ucross Foundation, Sculpture Space, SIAS Univ, Xinzheng, China, and many other venues. She has exhibited in NYC and throughout the United States, including installations at the Polk Museum ,FL, Socrates Sculpture Park, NY, Pratt Institute Sculpture Park, Brooklyn, Bridgewater-Lustberg Gallery, NY, and the DeCordova Museum, MA. Permanent installations include Cal State Univ. at Bakersfield, Somersby Landing Sculpture Park , MA, Coastal Maine Botanic Gardens, LL Bean Company in ME, Lay Sculpture Park , MO, and 560 Broadway in NYC.
Klemperer has taught sculpture at the Educational Alliance Art School, NYC, Kingsborough Com. College, Brooklyn, Third Ward , Brooklyn, and the Carving Studio, West Rutland VT. Education: BA biochem Harvard ‘80, BFA Pratt institute ‘83