Wayne Montecalvo

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
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Afraida asks questions about the devil.
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Two friends talk about a third friend.
Artist's Statement

Sound and visual stimuli constantly combine in a heap of information that overlap, support, and contradict all at the same time. Working in several disciplines, I like to consider this phenomenon while making art by re-arranging facts, information, and imagery to tell a new story. The character is invented; the costume and background are created to further distance any reference to a real person or real location. The dialogue often touches on universal themes that make reference to sex, race, gender, or just plain old everyday life experience, examining personal and social mayhem while relying on sometimes inappropriate, but real life language.


Several years after graduating from the School of Visual Arts, Wayne Montecalvo moved to the Hudson Valley area of New York, where he continues to live and maintain a studio practice.