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Wayne Adams

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Wayne Adams, Apophatic Theology, 2009, acrylic, 60"x48"
Wayne Adams, Satan Oscillate MY Metallic Sonatas, 2009, acrylic, 60"x48"
Wayne Adams, Prayer Painting I, 2010, acrylic, 60"x48"
Wayne Adams, Electroshock, 2010, acrylic, 32"x24"
Wayne Adams, An Unceasing Revelation of Divine Light, 2009, acrylic, 32"x24"
Artist's Statement

This is a new body of work for me.

I have, for a number of years, been interested how painting can address deeply personal notions through abstraction as well as representational imagery.

Aluminum foil has been a recurring subject in my work for more than ten years. I am interested in the paradoxical quality of aluminum foil – it is common and cheap with the allure of preciousness and beauty – and I am fascinated by the fact that people, like foil, are an ever-changing reflection of their environments.


Wayne Adams is a Brooklyn-based artist, originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, who received his B.F.A. from Calvin College and M.F.A. from Washington University in St. Louis in 2000. Adams has exhibited throughout the Midwest, New York and Vienna, Austria. Recent shows include, “Portable Caves” HKJB, Long Island City, NY (2010); “The Strange Place,” Alogon Gallery, Chicago, IL (2008); "Really?" New York Center for Art and Media Studies, New York, NYC (2007).

Adams recently completed International Arts Movement’s fellows program, which culminated in his largest commissioned installation to date. He writes regularly and has contributed articles for Image Journal, Comment Magazine and The Curator.