Viviane Rombaldi Seppey

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Lost, watercolor and maps, 2011, 73 x 51 in.
Lost, detail
Song Of The Land, watercolor and maps, 2011, 68 x 51 in.
Family Secret, ink and maps, 2011, 64 x 51 in.
Earth Beat, maps, 2010, 65 x 51 in.
Rombaldi Seppey
Artist's Statement

My art practice relates to the idea of marks or traces. Ordinary places or objects as phonebooks, found objects, maps are the support to create works that question and define where and how we belong. I work in series. The point of departure of these series is a concept linked to my own understanding and questioning of my place within the world I inhabit.

These images are from the series “A sense of Place”. I am working with maps left by my father. Coming from a migrant family he had to define himself in a place with a different cultural background. To define this heritage and explore my identity I am using the imagery of the body in relation to maps. Juxtaposing maps with images of the body accentuate the interaction from individual experience to collective knowledge. I am considering the relation that exists from my own history of displacement, anchored in the physical body, to the surrounding world.


Viviane Rombaldi Seppey was born and raised in Sion, Switzerland. She began her art practice in Australia, where she obtained her BFA, and completed her MFA in Singapore. She now lives and works in New York City.

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