Vitaliy Panasyuk

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Escape 30смх30см
The wheel of life 30смх30см
Flood 30смх30см
Road to the sky 30смх30см
Mun 30смх30см
Artist's Statement

My works’ technique is photo on enamel: on metal metal oval covered with enamel is placed a photo image by means of ceramic paints, then it is scorched under a high temperature.
My art is connected with subjects which include the fantasy and surrealism. Also, I'm interested in ancient Indian science about the soul: reincarnation, soul's crossing from one world to another, border states between physical and spiritual worlds.


I graduated from the Moscow University of Arts.
2003 - participant of the project "West goes East", Vienna, Austria.
2011 - personal exhibition in the gallery "Art-Republic", Kyiv, Ukraine.
2011 - participant of the exhibition "Festival for Dead in New Brunswick", USA