Victoria Bond

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Our Lady of the Mojo Pin, 14x18 canvas, photograph, biohazardous needles
Bar Cover, 7x11, styrofoam, umbrellas
The Baby Reclamation, wire hanger, plastic babies 1 1/2 inches
Is it Relaxer? Or the North Star? 9x12 canvas, photographs, glue
Mirrors Are Handcuffs, 12x12 canvas, spray paint, plastic handcuffs, mirrors
Artist's Statement

Objects compel me to riff on their forms. The resulting pieces make statements not unlike ones I have articulated in my lives as a poet, comedian and now novelist. Attracted to the ephemera of celebrations, like baby shower favors, as well as to medical materials and animal figures, my work explores youth, progeny and parentage. For the life of the artist to be a life at all it must be productive: it must produce. My objects are mediations on that theme, and also about the strange and tenuous prospect of reproduction.


Born in Los Angeles and raised in East Orange, New Jersey, Victoria Bond is a writer that has been stranded on the island of Manhattan for almost ten years. Co-author of the YA series Zora and Me, she is also a writing instructor at The John Jay College of Criminal Justice, which as it happens is just blocks away from The Art Students League where Victoria will be a student this winter.