Victor Khromin

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Victor Khromin/ relief on canvas, 55"X75", 2014
Victor Khromin, relief on canvas, 55"X75", 2014
Victor Khromin, relief on canvas, 55"X75", 2014
Victor Khromin, relief on canvas, 55"x75" , 2012
Victor Khromin, relief on canvas, 55"x75",2015
Artist's Statement

“Synergism” as a New Art Method

I am working on the development of a new perspective in the category of Fine Art. By examining and dissecting different types of objects I am creating base-relief compositions, and employing a combination of traditional art methods such as drawing, sculpture, painting, and collage to bring unique works of art into being. The best way to describe the character of my craft is the word “Synergism;” I am creating new art objects with complexity of texture and chromatic harmony in some paintings/reliefs and a monochromatic approach in other works. Using everyday household items I am exploring their ambiguous meaning, creating an abstract relief on the canvas surface and destroying all recognizable and semantic meaning.


Born in Russia, immigrated to United States in 1990, when I received permanent residency for the extraordinary abilities in art from the US government.
During my life in Russia I belonged to the Russian Nonconformist movement. This was an Underground Art Movement-which contradicted the code of conduct outlined by the USSR Union of Professional Artists and rejected the officially accepted style of Socialist Realist.
Upon my relocation to the United States, I have developed new and unique artistic method SYNERGISM.

Solo/Group Exhibition: 2014-2015-Ober Gallery, Kent, CT; 2014-The Museum of Russian Art, Minneapolis, MN; 2013-MEAD Art Museum, Amherst, MA: 1996-2015 , Zimmerli Museum of Nonconformist Art, New Brunswick,NJ; 2013-Solzjenitsin Museum, Moscow, Russia: