Vargas-Suarez Universal

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"Extra Vehicular Activities" 2009, Live broadcast ISS/EVA ink wall drawings, 6x80 feet., White Box, NY
detail of "Extra Vehicular Activities" 2009, Live broadcast ISS/EVA ink wall drawings, 6x80 feet., White Box, NY
"Microchip: Birkenau" 2006, oil on wood, 11x42 feet
"Space Station: Friendship" 2007, acrylic wall drawings, 11ft. 6 in. x 40 ft. 5 in. x 10 ft., Winzavod Art Center, Moscow
Эльдорадо (El Dorado) 2009, oil on vacuumized aluminum thermal blankets on panel 80x90 inches, Private collection, NYC
Artist's Statement

I use scientific visualization to explore the human use of non-gravitational easthetics, geometry and architecture in extra-atmospheric space, to create drawings, paintings and multi-media installations. The visual data I mine is from the spaceflight programs operated by the U.S. and Russia. Visually, I'm concerned with form vs. function, remote sensing, aerospace architecture, earth observation, and materials sciences.
Studio work is produced as works on paper, oil paintings, wall drawing installations and sound pieces.  Real-time data from the ISS, space walks, spacecraft dockings, and Mars Rovers activities, is used for drawings, paintings, and works on paper and wall drawings.
Outside of the studio research is conducted in Houston, TX; Cape Canaveral, FL; Korolyov (Moscow), Russia and Baikonur, Kazakhstan.


Rafael Vargas-Suarez aka Vargas-Suarez Universal (b. 1972, Mexico City) Lives and works in Brooklyn.
Selected Collections: The Museum of Modern Art Library, Whitney Museum of American Art, El Museo del Barrio, Queens Museum of Art, Brooklyn Museum of Art Library, Dieu Donne Papermill, Inc. Archives (all in New York); Jersey City Museum, NJ; Rhode Island School of Design Museum of Art, RI; Baltimore Museum of Art, MD; Mexic-Arte Museum, Austin,TX; Palazzo delle Papesse Centro Arte Contemporanea, Siena, Italy; DA2 (Domus Artium, 2002) Salamanca, Spain; Winzavod Contemporary Art Centre, Moscow, Russian Federation, and the UBS Art Collection.
His writings have been published by the MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, and Right Brain Words, New York.