Vadis Turner

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Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Red Candy and Black Mold, 60x60x5", ribbon, clothing, antique quilts, vintage gloves, mixed media, 2011
Ripe Dirt/Fresh burial, 60x60x5", ribbon, clothing, antique quilts, mixed media, 2011
Red Mold Melt, 43x36x6”, clothing, ribbon, bed sheets, handkerchiefs, mixed media, 2011
Storm and Fire, 45x36x8”, ribbon, clothing, antique quilts, mixed media, 2011
4th Place, 10x4x1’, vintage lingerie and nightgowns, horse show prize ribbons, champagne flutes, wine glasses, wedding dress
Artist's Statement

Vadis Turner re-imagines rites of passage and the classification of heirlooms in a contemporary cultural context.

During the creation of her Dowry project, she discovered aesthetic bridges that connect how people and places are adorned for diverse rites of passage. The subjects of cultural graduations simultaneously embody a climax and demise. A new identity is conceived. An old identity dies. The ceremony isolates and celebrates the subject in a state of in-between.

In her current work, ceremonial adornments are partnered with different destructive processes. Satin ribbons and flowers are partnered with different stages of fire or mold. Like the subject of a rite of passage, they too loose their original structure/association and become something new. The works capture the beauty and energy of change and loss.


Selected Solo Shows
2011 Green Building Gallery; KY, Rymer Gallery, TN; Lyons Wier Gallery, NYC
Selected Group Shows
2011 BNA: Brooklyn to Nashville, Zieher Smith Gallery, TN; Extreme Materials 2, Memorial Art Gallery, NY; Artists Ball, Brooklyn Museum, NY, We The Artists, National Museum & Art Gallery of Trinidad and Tobago; Here & Now, Lyons Wier Gallery, NYC
2010 Basic Instinct, Black & White Gallery, NY; Critical Stitch, Union College, NY; Common Jive, Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, New York, NY; Bunny Redux, Andy Warhol Museum, PA
Public Collections
2011 Tennessee State Museum, TN
2010 21C Museum, KY; Kentucky Arts & Crafts Museum, KY
2009 Brooklyn Museum of Art, NY
2007 Egon Schiele Art Centrum, Czech Republic
New York Times, Vanity, ReadyMade Magazine, Southern Living Magazine, The Daily, Garden & Gun, Boston Globe, WWD