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Uno Nam

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Identity, fundamental aspects of life (simple things like air), African American identity as viewed from a member of a different country, place, culture, ethnicity. My idea and recognition of African American culture seen from a young Korean living in Korea and knowing about the culture through mass media and being influenced to move to the States after being influenced and inspired to interact and know about the culture. Once in this country and the veil of mass media being lost, his interaction with African American culture was not what I had seen on mass media and what I did not expect it to be. Culture industry and the effect on the individual’s perception of other’s and individual’s culture. Identity, how humans recognize themselves? How do I recognize you, how do I recognize others?


Hunter College B.A


2015 Black Artstory Month 2015 Brooklyn, NY
2014 For a Month (Solo Exhibition) Seoul, South Korea
2014 1st People’s Choice Show of 2014 Brooklyn, NY
2013 AHAH Pop Up Group Art Show New York, NY
2012 Form and Formation (Solo Exhibition) Seoul, South Korea
2011 Status! Status! Status! Group Exhibition Brooklyn, NY