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Almost (T)here - mixed media paper sculpture installation, dimensions variable
I create numerous drawings on paper, and installations: dimensions variable
PULSE- Change & Uncertainty, Chapter II, mixed media large installation, traces of past works and new projects 2010
a topography in process and progress. Mapping Autonomy: Shape Shifting 2010
The Unwinding Destiny Project: installation/photography, text/eggshells/unwound cassette tapes 2009
Artist's Statement

I'm showing a range of work - instead of one body of work.

Engaging materials formal, familiar, synthetic, and discarded I explore what it is to stretch things beyond their original purpose
I'm interested in ambiguity and uncertainty, traces and lines connecting and suspended.
Without prior sketching, I use "interference" techniques such as burning, perforating and cutting to explore positive and negative space.
My ongoing installations are rooted in the exploration of physicality and immateriality.

Through my meditation on chance, control and uncertainty, my work is further stretched by paradox: empty/full, conceal/reveal, shadow/light, fracture/whole, rupture/repair.

The repetitive ritualistic work is a partial response to embracing complexity. While things are changing every second, there is connectedness; the impulse to respond diversely reflecting on our vastness.


Ula Einstein is a Swiss born multi-disciplinary artist based in NYC. Her work has been exhibited internationally in numerous museums, galleries, and non-profit spaces: and is among collectors internationally. In September 2011 Einstein will have her first solo exhibition in Paris, France. Her work will also be included at the Everhart Museum in Pennsylvania. She is the recipient of 3 individual Artists’ Fellowships. Her fellowship residency at Santa Fe Art Institute allowed for her first collaborative work with public. Stepping out of the studio, Einstein sang solo on the streets of NYC when she participated in Dara Friedman's Public Art Fund project: Musical, in 2007.
CV requests are accepted.

art updates: http://ulaeinstein.com
My work can also be viewed in drawingcenter.org online curated registry