Tyrome Tripoli

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"Pixelated Garden Scape". Mixed materials, wood board and hardware
"Brown Circle", Appropriated plastic and hardware
Installtion view at "Y" Gallery
Natural Rubber Form
"Yellow Grid, Free form" Appropriated objects
Artist's Statement

My work is about integrating disparate elements as a means to create new meaning. Through the unconventional use of common materials and the success of unlikely relationships, I embrace diversity. A practice that I believe can change our world.

Plastic Construction Series:
This series is comprised of disparate objects that are assembled into unexpected juxtapositions. The objects are connected as if they were made with the intention of coming together. The parts are fastened together with metal rods and hardware. While the objects are seemingly incongruous, they are integrated by color and shape. I think of this work as abstract painting. The objects I collect become my palette. When creating a piece, I pull from this palette a brushstroke, a unique object with a pre-existing color and shape


Tyrome was born in Los Angeles, California. He graduated from the UCSD with a Bachelor Degree in Biochemistry and Visual Arts. In 1992 he found himself unfulfilled with a career in science and moved to San Francisco. There, he started a business creating artistic metal furniture. In 1995 Tripoli co-founded Melting Point Studios. In 2001, Tripoli was awarded an Artist in Residency at the San Francisco Recycle and Disposal Facility. During this time he became enamored with mixed material sculpture. To gain international exposure, Tripoli co-created VERN-an international, touring exhibition project. This evolving exhibition toured throughout America and Europe, totaling fifteen exhibitions. In 2003, Tripoli directed an exhibition for the group at the Literature Museum in Bucharest Romania. Tripoli moved to New York in 2003. Tripoli works and resides in Bushwick, Brooklyn with his wife, four year old daughter and newborn son.