Tristan Fitch

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Paleon 2013 Oil on Canvas 60" x 72"
Crystallo 2013 Oil on Canvas 60" x 72"
Wallstreet 2010 Oil on Canvas 48" x 60"
Untitled 2013 Oil on Panel 36" x 48"
Linean 2013 Oil on Canvas 36" x 36"
Artist's Statement

My works reveal a web of actions, reference geology, acknowledge erosion and appeal to the human desire to cross boundaries, to explore. These paintings celebrate the smallest bits of nature and all its grandeur- the wood grain of a tree, water currents, a dense city grid, the cracked surface of a dried lake bottom. Life in layers, tides of color and texture.


Born 1971 in Ft Lauderdale FL.
Raised in Alpharetta Ga.
Moved to NYC in 1990.

Selected Exhibitions:

2012 “Swing Swang Swung” Wildlife, Brooklyn, NY
2010 “ Tied by the Knot” Christopher Henry Gallery - Collaboration with OLEK
2008 “Paraphernalia” BAC, Bernice Stienbaum, Carol Damian - Curator, Miami
2008 “Art @ Miami Science Museum, Young Professionals Series” – Alicia Scalera
2008 “Against the Grain” BAC, Alicia M. Scalera – Curator, Miami
2008 “Bridging the Gap: Farbe” BAC, Emilie Keldie - Curator
2007 “Cupcakes: Smallworks” BAC/Art Basel Miami, Alicia Scalera - Curator
2007 “Infinitely Connected” Locust Projects/BAC, Miami
2007 “Celebration 21” BAC/Carol Damian – Curator, Miami
2006 “Best of the Best” Miami Art Museum/BAC, Terry Riley-Curator