Torie Tiffany

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Eden from the Fleurotica Collection 20x20 Digital Collage
Asteria from the Fiscellaneous Collection 20x16 Digital Collage
Angel from the Fleurogeny Collection 20x16 Digital Collage
Child's Gift from the Fleurogeny Collection 32x40 Digital Collage
Sun Maiden from the Fleurotica Collection 16x20 Digital Collage
Artist's Statement

Since I received my first camera as a child, I have loved creating pictures. Photographic collages have always been my favorite means of keeping a memory, making a statement or revealing a vision. As I began to use digital tools and brushes my technique evolved, and is still expanding.

I find inspiration for my work in the beautiful colors and shapes of nature that surround us in every aspect and inhabitant of our earth. Each piece in my digital collage series is a synthesis of photographs and created images in which I blend earth elements with plant and human life, signifying the connective energy that exists between all things.

I am also captivated by the beauty, grace and strength of the animal kingdom, as well as inspired by its instinctive ability to live in harmony with the earth. I represent a variety of species in a series of photographs and digital paintings.


Torie Tiffany is a self-taught digital artist living in Ithaca, NY. Her work is comprised of photography and photographic based digital collage, a synthesis of photographs and created images. Inspired by all aspects of nature and its inhabitants, each piece signifies the connective energy that exists between all things. She also composes a descriptive vignette for each of her works as an extension of her expression.

Her award-winning work has been shown in many venues in Central NY as well as NYC. She also offers custom work in digital design and original verse.