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Tom Bolger

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
It Was at the Guardian Gate of The Spectacular Enlightened Spider-Monks Where He First Collapsed. 2011 50” x 38” pen and ink
It Was Always You and Me and Him and that Goddamn Heroes Journey.2008 38 x 50 pen and ink
Nothing Here was Built to Scale or Would Ever Fly. 2011 50” x 38” pen and ink
What We Can’t Fuck, We’ll Eat. 2012 38” x 50” pen and ink
But We Loved Him! Who Will Make a Statue of Him? 2013 50” x 38” pen and ink
Artist's Statement

These drawings are water soluble; it is the act of signing my name over and over again with something that can be spat on and washed away. The binary quality of pen and ink, of black and white, is simple, but the hatching and shading can be as complex as time, imagination and effort allow. The visual, two-dimensional history of Art becomes pastiche, scrawling ersatz cartoons on the lovingly (but not faithfully) rendered walls of the Parthenon or the ruins of Roman Africa. Using the influences of the visual language and technique of modern comics, 16th century Flemish allegorical drawings, and the forced, flattened perspective of 18th century japanese painting in an attempt to form an emotional narrative partially obscured, almost submerged by the baroque excess of it’s own over-rendering.


Tom Bolger is an Artist and Writer who has been living and working in Greenpoint Brooklyn since 1996. He has no pets, but is very fond of you.

He has worked in various occupations not limited to: Weed Delivery, Construction as an Editor for a family of Fashion magazines and as an Illustrator Retoucher and Creative Director for too many editorial publications and Advertising Agencies to name.

For questions about exhibiting, residencies, works for sale or studio visits please contact the artist directly at vnfovnd(at)gmail(dot)com

Also for all other questions really, I mean it’s not an art hotline or anything it’s just his contact info.