Tokio Kuniyoshi

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Artist's Statement

Tokio Kuniyoshi

Born and raised in Okinawa, JAPAN. Moved to San Francisco in 2002.
He basically taught Photography by himself and studied in City College of San Francisco about the filed as well. He relocated himself in New York in 2006 to seek more about his possibilities and new opportunities. He works as a freelance photographer as well as working with Old-Soulz. His main jobs are taking photographs for magazines, CD covers, and events, etc... His clients he worked with in the past are for example, Hennessy, Manhattan Portage, Bounce Magazine and so on.
Besides those works above, he has his own Art world. Most of his Fine Art Photographs are taken by analog, that's what he cares about. He has his own unique way of looking at the world and those art works shows his way of life.


one year
(July 2005 Okinawa, JAPAN)

silence and motion
(July 2006 San Francisco, U.S)

SYNK vol 3
(Februaly 2007 New York, U.S)

wordless eloquence *07
(March 2007 New York, U.S)

The King of Funky Soul
(July 2007 New York, U.S)

(September 2007 New York, U.S)

Art of Autumn
(October 2007 New York, U.S)

$99 Art Fair
(December 2007 New York, U.S)
(April 2008 New York, U.S)
(June 2008 New York, U.S)

(May 2008 New York, U.S)

The Beginning of New Classics
(September 2008 New York, U.S)

The Art Market
(December 2008 New York, U.S)
(April 2009 New York, U.S)

TORAPOTE -ride it!-
(June 2009 New York, U.S)

(September 2009 Okinawa, Japan)

Traces of Nature
(March 2010 New York, U.S)