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Tim Walsh

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buy more wine at once (2011) 26 in x 28 in/66cm x 71 cm acrylic/paper
Missouri (2010) 26 in x 36 in/66 cm x 91 cm acrylic/paper
light traveling without effort (2003-11) 26 in x 28 in/71 cm x 91 cm acrylic/paper
refugio (2011) 26 in x 36 in/66cm x 91 cm acrylic/paper
St. Laurent (2011) 26 in x 28 in/66cm x 71 cm acrylic/paper
Artist's Statement

Tim Walsh
Artist Statement

In 1971, New York art critic Clement Greenberg told me that I hadn't "arrived" yet. Youthful fool that I was, I had no idea what the great man was talking about. Now, older (but perhaps no less foolish), I feel that, indeed, I have "arrived"--as a mature artist with a significant body of work behind him, and the vision and strength to continue to make art that matters.

My paintings are vivid abstractions. In them, I combine color, light, and surface to express visual ideas that often suggest distant landscapes seen from unusual angles. I’m currently working with multiple layers of acrylic paint on heavyweight paper.

As I work--painting, pausing to assess, re-painting, pausing again, then repeating that process--I'm reminded that looking at painting is working at painting. It's good, transformational work, and I invite others to look carefully at my paintings.

June, 2011
New York


Born 1946, Port Chester, New York.
First group exhibition Cheltenham Art Center, Pennsylvania
First one-man exhibition Earlville Opera House, New York State
Most recent group exhibition 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel, Chelsea, New York
Most recent one-man exhibition Art Under Construction gallery, New York
Complete exhibition listing available upon request.
Public installations include:
Instituto Cultural Mexicano-Norteamericano de Jalisco
Phoenix Art Museum mural in honor of the exhibition “Diego Rivera, The Cubist Years”
Philippines Refugee Processing Center, Bataan
Oakland Arts School, Oakland, CA
Relevant Education:
Teachers: James Brooks, Jimmy Ernst, Robert Postma, Angelo Savelli, Neil Welliver
Degree: M.F.A. in Painting, University of Pennsylvania, 1972