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Thomas Witte

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"Just stop" stencils on glass 2011
"Happy Birthday" stencil on glass 2009
"I have been lying to you" stencil on pressed steel table top 2011
"Bathing Beauties" Stencil on steel shelving 2011
"We'll talk about it when we get home" Stencil on Glass 2011
Artist's Statement

Thomas Witte’s work is fascinated with time. He begins with slides of family photographs (images captured in a millisecond, often by an absent-minded, amateur eye), and then, through a painstaking process involving myriad drawings, multiple stencils, and meticulous spray painting, he recasts a mundane moment from the past as a vivid experience in the present. Witte creates a collage of the past and the present in all aspects of his work. He uses old materials from the neighborhood that currently houses his studio and gives these pieces of industrial detritus a new life. He takes vintage photographs, of people and moments long forgotten, and imbues them with fresh storylines and renewed vigor. The old and the new fuse in a burst of Witte’s creative energy.


Solo Exhibitions:

2009- “Stencils” Aswoon Gallery- DUMBO, Brooklyn NY
2007- “Reunion” Sayan Gallery- South Orange, NJ
2006- “Mexico” Sayan Gallery – South Orange, NJ
2005- “Projections”- Sayan Gallery- South Orange, NJ

Group Exhibitions:

2010- “Gutbox” group show Dorian Grey Gallery 9th Street, NYC
2010- “Square Peg, Round Hole”-Gutbox Solo Exhibition, Y Gallery, Bowery, NYC
2009- “Brooklyn Licks-A Spring Salon”- NY Center for Arts and Media Studies, NYC


2000-2004 -Rutgers University, Bachelor of the Arts.