Thomas Dang Vu

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Mùi Đời (The Scent of Life) Oil on Canvas. 59"X72"
Thiên Thai (Paradise in a Promised Land) Oil on Canvas. 72"X96"
Hopeless Oil on Canvas. 59"X72"
Conversation with the Ancestors Exhibition, NYC
Cloud 9 Series Mixed Media. 18"X24"
Dang Vu
Artist's Statement

My paintings are a pathway to my childhood…and to the man I am right now. 
Here I am in the heart of NYC, yet I’m forever immersed in those Saigon memories: the sayings of my parents and grandparents, 
the sounds of laughter and fear that shaped my earliest years, the spirituality of hope. 
Motion and emotion guide me. I surrender myself to thousands of up and down strokes. 
Are they a gentle rain? The wrath of a heartless government? As I inscribe the words “troi danh tranh bua an” (heaven won’t come down upon you as you enjoy your meal), 
am I recalling all the times I went to bed hungry? And why do I feel compelled to letter troi (heaven) and dia nguc (hell) in their reverse position? 
As I continue to discover, order inevitably leads to disorder.
There’s a hidden nature to much of my work. Beneath broad brushstrokes of surface color are layers of intricate patterns, 
even the connect-a-dot games I played as a kid.


Exhibited current work at The Maier Museum of Art "Vietnamerican" exhibition. Lectured at the Maier Museum of Art and was panel member at the 22nd Annual Helen Clark Berlin Symposium.
2012: Melvin Peterson Gallery: Solo Exhibition The University of Evansville, Indiana.
2011: One Art Space: Solo exhibition; TriBeCa, New York.
2011: ISE Gallery: Solo exhibition; SoHo, New York.
2010: The Drawing Center: Accepted to “Viewing Program;” SoHo, New York.
1994: Exhibit A Gallery: Solo exhibition; Savannah, GA.