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Theresa Andrea

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
24x30, ink and gouache on paper
56x30, charcoal and gouache on paper
24x30, charcoal on paper
30x24, charcoal on paper
56x30, charcoal on paper
Artist's Statement

Recently, I've focused my attention on works on paper. Paper signals the document, which serves my interest in the record. Initially drawn to a particular record--my own or one I’ve come upon by research or happenstance--ultimately, I’m trying to figure out what it is to create and convey that record anew. I believe that art has the capacity to both respond to and inform experience. I wonder how I may shift meaning, engage the viewer, or motivate participation. These questions help me understand what it is to see an image, to maintain it, and to transform it. They also help me probe the underlying question of what it is to sustain and present information, what it is to communicate. Through experiments of withholding, obscuring, or reordering, my goal is not so much the frustration of a clear visual comprehension as it is an acknowledgment of the parameters of subjectivity, its limitations and possibilities.


Columbia University BA
Practicing New York-based artist 2004-present