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Theodoros Stamatogiannis

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Materials: wood, door handle, hinges. Dimensions: length 680cm, height 195cm, width 5cm
Sunk relief on wooden floor Materials:wood Dimensions of the relief: Width 100cm, length 210cm,depth 2,7cm
Model /Proposal for an installation Proposed materials: carpets
Materials: Wood Dimensions: height 332cm,length 448cm.
Materials: table tennis table Dimensions: length 274cm, width 152cm,height 74cm
Artist's Statement

I have been working using several architectural elements approaching the space as a nexus of rules and relationships. More specificaly my latest works are modifications of buildings and interior spaces. They are an effort to rearrange space through sculpture, interweaving the boundaries between interior and exterior space, private and public, architecture and sculpture as well. Traditionally, architecture creates place while sculpture creates objects. My practice is a research of how architecture can create sculptural objects that arise from the geometry and the function of architectural place.

Born in Greece
Glasgow School of Art,MFA.Glasgow, UK.2007-2009
Athens School of Fine Art,BA Sculpture.Athens, Greece.2002-2006
Athens University of Economics and Business,BA. Athens, Greece.1995-2001