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Terry Ward

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
DIAGRAM: illustrates some of the hanging options of Terry Ward's multi-panel “omnidirectional” paintings.
Begotten-Forgotten at Smithsonian affiliate site with (on loan from National Gallery of Art) Pomodoro's bronze Traveler's Column
A 2010 composite hang-view of several Terry Ward multi-panel mixed-media paintings.
SouthLife (Series 10), Mixed media (latex,objects,,spray on wood), 2008, size variable 1x6½ ft to 1x50ft. Omnidirectional
The Deletion (Series 90), mixed media (oil,latex,vinyl on wood), 2009, size variable 1x6½ ft to 1x35ft. Omnidirectional
Artist's Statement

Topless paintings.

Bottomless paintings.

(But no nudes.)

The long narrow “omnidirectional” panels are composed (and wired) to hang at any angle ---or upside-down, vertically, horizontally. For an “installation” quality, put some on the floor or overhead; curatorial creativity in hanging encouraged. “Mix and match” works.

The nonobjective surfaces ooze with slishy spatterwork melting into marbleized blobs ---often partly misted-over with aerosol obscurant. Stenciling, collage, objects, charring, lights, and occasional handfuls of coal dust might appear. Layers are built up, scraped, redone ---sometimes shot-at.

Some are purely compositional color-texture experiences; others become subtly (or blatantly) political or historical.

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"Wonderful paintings" "Rosalynn joins me (saying)....they are a welcome addition to our collection"
--Past US President Jimmy Carter

"Really interesting"
-- Flower Power Photographer Bernie Boston

Active in Bkn + DC,IL,VA. After 15 years of mostly dealing directly with potential art-owners, in 2010-2011 the artist will begin seeking relations with galleries.

Smithsonian affiliate Annmarie Garden, New Gallery (group show), Solomons MD
Rosalyn and Jimmy Center residence (other : artwork in Carter collection), Atlanta GA
Capitol Riverfront HalfStreet Center (group show), Wash DC
National Public Radio (other : quoted, art pictured in re news article) on
Sage Moon Gallery (group show), Charlottesville VA
Tipper and Al Gore residence (other : artwork in Gore collection), Alexandria VA (then to TN )

Grad, thesis, etc: JMU(.edu)