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Tatyana Murray

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"Cacophony", 2015 Refracted light - Glass, Plexi, LED lights 23 L x 42.5 H x 7 W inches
"Game", 2015 Refracted light - Glass, Plexi, LED lights 63 L x 57.5 H x 6 W inches
"Morning Glory", 2015 Refracted light - Glass, Plexi, LED lights 39.5 L x 60.5 H x 6 W inches
"Moth to A Flame", 2015 Refracted light - Glass, Plexi, LED lights 39.5 L x 60.5 H x 6 W inches
"STAG GLASS", 2015 Refracted light - Glass, Plexi, LED lights 59h x 38l x 5.5w inches
Artist's Statement

When I was a child I found myself at the bottom of the pool looking up at the water's surface. I recallsuch a sense of peace basking in the blue and white light. Getting off the plane in New York for the first time some 18 years ago I had the same overwhelming sensation as I looked up at the crystal clear light emanating down on the city. Ever since those seminal moments I have been very connected with, and moved, by images of light.
In 'Light' series, floating images are created by violently scratching and drilling each transparentsheet. The light source of Led Lights set in the frame reveal a delicate floating image of refracted light. I get lost in the repetitive pattern making. A language creates itself, exploring a universe in constant movement. The geometric and circular patterns give rise to question whether they are something grown or man made, revealing themselves
like veils. Without the light source the image cannot exist.


The work has been exhibited in New York City, London, Paris, Vienna, Barcelona, Cannes, Venice, Bahamas and Hamptons
Solo Exhibitions
2013 Bosi Contemporary, NYC
2012 Zadok Gallery, Miami
2011 Jas Gallery, Paris
2010 Tripoli Gallery of Contemporary Art, Hamptons , NY
2009 National Arts Club, NY
2006 “Morphosis”, Habres & Partner, Vienna, Austria
2004 “Drawings,” JG | Contemporary / James Graham & Sons, NY
2002 “Transmutations,” JG | Contemporary, NY
2002 “Transmutations,” Dortheum Gallery, Vienna
2002 “Transmutations” James Graham & Sons, NY
2001 “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” Blains Gallery, London
2000 “Supranatural,” Canary Wharf, London
1999 “Random Grace,” I-20 Gallery, NY
Group Exhibitions
2015 Vohn Gallery, NYC
2014 Faberge Public Art Commission, NYC
2013 American Dreams, London
2011 Palais du Festival Cannes Film Festival, France