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Tatiana Arocha

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Jai Katuma - Mural Commissioned by SundanceTV, 2015
Jai Katuma - Mural Commissioned by SundanceTV, 2015
Diversidad - Mural Commissioned by The Goethe Institute Kolumbien, 2015
Macaw - Pigment print on german etching paper with gold paint, 2015
Jaguar - Pigment print on german etching paper with gold paint, 2015
Artist's Statement

My work emerges from a personal history enmeshed in the bio-political landscape of Colombia, which I spent my childhood exploring on expeditions with my family. Spurred by this upbringing, my objective is to create parallel environments that transcend conventional borders through universal emotional resonance. I attempt this through ecstatic attention to detail and fantastic narratives that access the fundamental truths animating lives of every age and background. I both continue and bend the arc of evolution, recasting natural forms in possibilities of my own devising and presenting a world that is both realistically lush and built of components beyond reality. I aspire to project nature back into the society that understands it poorly or not at all through the use of interventions such as murals, overtaking the contemporary sightline and reclaiming the enthralled human attention unbuilt environments everywhere will perish without.


I am a visual artist from Bogotá, Colombia based in Brooklyn, NY. A graphic designer by training, I work in disciplines including illustration, motion graphics, live action production, curating, education design, site-specific art, product design, and publishing. I also founded Servicio Ejecutivo, an online gallery for emerging artists from all over the world, beginning a curatorial career spanning over 80 exhibitions. Today my focus is Sanctuaries, a series of rainforest landscapes constructed from hundreds of layered images, textures, and distortion; my latest iteration is for the Sinfonía Trópico biodiversity initiative, and consists of an outdoor rainforest mural at the Goethe-Institut Kolumbien in Bogotá, Colombia.