Tara Cronin

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From The Series, "T For Transition," 2010
From The Series, "T For Transition," 2010
From The Series, "T For Transition," 2010
"4 a.m." 2008
From The Series, "Magical Spaces From Ordinary Places," 2009
Artist's Statement

I used to hate laughing. I hated it because in the millisecond that I began to almost laugh, something inside would realize that if I began, that moment would soon end, and the laugh would be over, and the joy would be gone. However these happinesses can be Only in moments. Otherwise they would be impossible to discern from the rest of Life. I am interested in the things that separate, connect and overlap between people, including concrete symbols of our make-up. Beneath psychological developments and digging, there exists a Rhythm that courses forth because it is simply the way of things anatomically. Beneath our consciousness we are Blood, Sinew, Bone, Synapses. Remembrance, imagination, fantasy, anxieties, dreams and longing; these are themes I try to work with. I hope to be in a Place that while impossible to find, is Home, and that in the end, has been with me the entire time. www.taracronin.com


In 2008 Tara Cronin completed a 1-year certificate program at the International Center of Photography. She finished her undergraduate work with a BA in Writing at New School University. While Tara battled hospitalizations and mental illness during her undergraduate work, her healing process guided her toward photography, writing, and artmaking in response. Tactile and generally sensate qualities are very important in her work. Tara’s mediums often include photography, writing, drawing, handmade books, video and installation. Tara Cronin is a recent 2010 MFA graduate from the International Center of Photography-Bard Program in New York City. Tara is twice the recipient of the ICP Director’s Fellowship Award Grant Scholarship, and has been exhibited in various venues throughout New York City and North America.