Tania Sen

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
Etched metal sculpture at Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Precious Metal sculpture at Newark Museum, NJ
The More We Get Together Ouside a Mass Grave
Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish - performance art digital photograph
Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish - performance art digital photograph
Artist's Statement

My work addresses the tension between iconic unity and digital fuzziness, between the uncontaminated original and its inevitable decay, between recognizability and facelessness, between personal and depersonalized identity through substitution, mediation and commoditization. Drawing from mythology, politics, pop culture, ads, signage, my works at the base of it, is simply a way to emulate the process of materialization of a thought or imagination. It bears within it clues of transformation and morphing.
My performative work, Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish, Familiar Fragrance, Unfamiliar Places, My Fish Bowl, Over My Head, and Please Sir, May I Have Some Air? - often a looping instance of an expression, is a simulated scenario.


Tania Sen was born in Kolkata, India; she currently lives and works in New York/New Jersey. "Tania Sen explores traditional...symbolism...through a personal interpretation for the subject matter" (Courier News)
Debuting internationally, Sen’s works recently showed at the Newark Museum, Monmouth Museum, Mumbai Museum, India, NJ Art Guild, Prince Street Gallery, NYC, Pliades Gallery, NYC, Gramercy Gallery, NYC, Torpedo Art Factory, DC, Union Street Gallery, Chicago, Goggleworks, PA, Asian Arts Initiative, PA. Kiernan Gallery, Boston, MA, among others. Sen has multiple publications with Feminist Art Project and curated an all media show at the Harold B. Lemmerman Gallery, NJ featuring works of 53 international artists. A founder member of SIPMA Contemporary, Sen is a strong proponent of inter- disciplinary collaboration – her work with the experimental dance team at Swarthmore College and performance art at the Soho 20 gallery, NYC