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Taliah Lempert

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
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Painting slideshow
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Printing an edition of Janine's Bike.
Artist's Statement

Bicycles are important, beautiful,
and worth a close look.

Most bikes I paint are, or have been, used daily
for transportation, recreation,
messenger work and/or for racing,
They are worn and customized uniquely,
being at once a specific bike
and a collective symbol of empowerment.

I made two short videos for this studio visit.
The first is a slide show of some of my paintings.
The second is a process video, printing a screen print edition.


Taliah Lempert moved to New York in 1989 to study painting at the NY Academy of Art. She started cycling for transportation and found a culture. In a few years, Taliah has done for bikes what Wayne Thiebaud did for dessert – painting the subject in order to have us reconsider the beauty in the everyday. Taliah has been painting bicycles of all speeds and sizes for over a decade. Her compositions have been displayed in numerous shows and in various publications.