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Takashi Usui

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Mime Mime,25.5x40,Acrylic and color pencil on Paper,2009
Tunnel to Heaven1,25.5x40,Acrylic and color pencil on Paper,2009
Life in the Water,25.5x40,Acrylic and color pencil on Paper,2009
Untitled,8x6 each,Color pencil on Paper,2008
Untitled,8x6 each,Color pencil on Paper,2008
Artist's Statement

My works are strongly related to sexual instinct (eroticism) and aging of the body. The sexual instinct sways human existence and creates pain and ecstasy. The sexual instinct is deeply involved in emotion and death.

The work expresses the pain and ecstasy of body and mind. Pain and ecstasy must exist together. It is this co-existence that makes the realization of each possible. Body and mind also live and let live.

It is an unchangeable fact that the body is dying while the mind is growing. I am not conscious of how this impacts on my art. I create works of art, hoping for a revelation of my soul.


2010 Takashi Usui recent works “Creature in the Pink World” ISE Cultural Foundation, New York, NY
2009 “Urban Sensitivity” Curated by Mako Wakasa, Gallery 128, New York ,NY.
2001 “Buying Time: Nourishing Excellence, The 2000 NYFA Painting Fellow” Curated by William Stover,
Sotheby’s, New York, NY.
1999 “Artists in the Marketplace”, Curated by Marysol Nieves & Lydia Yee, The Bronx Museum of the Arts.
1998 “Phillip Morris Art Award Final Selection”, Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan.