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Tad Beck

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
"Roll" 2003 and "Palimpsest Five" 2009 installed at Samuel Freeman Gallery
"Palimpsest Three" 2009
"Stroke" 2006 and "Figureheads" 2010 installed at Samuel Freeman Gallery
"Untitled (Flying Cloud III)" 2010
"Splashed by Tristan 1" 2004
Artist's Statement

My work is an engagement with queer history, the presentation and production of the body, artist/model dynamics, the absurd, and the use of new media to recontextualize and pervert narratives of history in general and art history more narrowly. In addition to socio-historical concerns, I explore formalist issues of light, optics, visual hot spots, and the distension of the photographic moment.


Tad Beck (b. 1968) received a BFA from SVA in 1991, and an MFA from Art Center College of Design in 2003. In 2011, Beck returned to New York City, where he now lives and works, in addition to maintaining a studio on Vinalhaven, Maine.

Beck was recently the subject of a solo exhibition at LACMA in 2010, for which an artist's monograph with texts by Brian T. Allen and Michael Ned Holte was produced, and the artist had another solo exhibition at Samuel Freeman in 2011. Beck's work has also been exhibited on the west coast at Jancar Gallery, Los Angeles; the Sweeney Art Gallery at the UCR; Krowswork, Oakland, California; the Sheppard Gallery at UNR, and Monte Vista Projects, Los Angeles. In 2012, Beck will present a large body of collaborative works made with the artist Jennifer Locke at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, for which a catalogue will be produced in conjunction with the University of Nevada, Reno.