Suzanne Morlock

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
site specific installation "Magic Carpet Ride" @ Central Museum of Textiles Lodz Poland knitted with local discarded newspaper
public art piece made of discarded mylar and knitting technique
Nets -- a site specific installation with found objects -- Iceland
site specific installation out of local newspaper and knitting techique -- France
Pod -- made of reclaimed reel-to-reel tape and knitting technique
Artist's Statement

The impermanent nature of sensory experience as well as of the physical, phenomenological world occupies my field of creative inquiry. My work explores the ephemeral realms of memory, composition and decomposition. My art objects communicate the unstable tension ever-present in our transitional world. I transforms the familiar, such as newspaper, cloth, recording tape, in order to demonstrate the paradoxical elements of disposability and endless potential. I repurpose the unwanted debris of our disposable society, through techniques historically subscribed to as “women's work”, like weaving, sewing, and knitting, revealing aspects of beauty and whimsy, while embracing the impermanence of even the work itself. As an artist, I believe, and hope to convey, that process carries as much value as the end result, perhaps process functions as our most important teacher. With a wry wit and a developed sense of the surreal, I approaches my a


solo exhibitions
2011 Magic Carpet Ride, Centralne Muzeum Włókiennictwa, Łódź, Poland
Interior, Queens College, Flushing, NY
2010 Nets, NES, Skagaströnd, Iceland
Sweater, ArtSpot, Jackson, WY
2008 Snapshot Over Lunch, Bon Appé Thai, Jackson, WY
Ghosts in My Machine, Center for the Arts, Theater Gallery, Jackson, WY
2006 Propped, GALLERY twenty-four, Paris, France
Propped, Art Council Gallery, Cheyenne, WY
2005 Propped, Centralne Muzeum Włókiennictwa, Łódź, Poland
all the time in the world, Julian Scott Memorial Gallery, Johnson, VT
Propped, GALLERY twenty-four, Berlin, Germany
2003 Inside Outside, Margo’s Gallery, Buffalo, WY
2001 simulations, Muse Gallery, Jackson, WY
Transitional Objects, Betty Rock, Jackson, WY