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Susana Lopez F.

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#FalsaNavidad. Digital photography.2012
#FalsaNavidad. Digital photography. 2012
#Chopsticks. Digital Photography. 2012
#SinPrisas. Digital Photography. 2011
#SinPrisas. Digital Photography. 2011
Lopez F.
Artist's Statement

Susana López F. is a visual artist from Gijón (Spain). She holds a Bachelor´s Degree in Fine Arts with a specialization in Painting in Barcelona, from where she also holds a PhD in.
Focused mainly on photography and mixed media, the subjects of her work come from her personal experiences and daily life, revealed with an objectivity and distance that sometimes touche on a striking honesty. A constant feature in her work is the use of social network to difuse it.
During the last years she was involved in some differents projects, for example: 20 years later, about the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. LASTCALL, a reflection of many hours spent at airports waiting to fly out, that you can follow online in:

SinPrisas. where she talks about a mass consumer society where any thought fits in 140 characters or Chopsticks.


Susana López Fernández

2000-2002 PhD Fine Arts. University of Barcelona. SPAIN
Elisava School of Design. Master “Design and layout of public spaces”. Barcelona,
1995-2000 BA in Fine Arts. University of Barcelona and University of La Laguna, Spain
2012 Chopsticks. Photo Show in PhotoarteKomite. Bilbao.
2011 SinPrisas. Photo Show in PhotoarteKomite. Bilbao
Letzter Aufruf, a LastCall especial edition for Berlin. Takt Kunstprojektraum. Berlin.
2010 Last Call. Photo Show in PhotoarteKomite. Bilbao
2007 Rodríguez - Amat Foundation. Gerona
Caleidoscopio Urbano. Alvargónzalez Foundation. Gijón (Asturias)

2012 Destination Berlin. 1a Space, Hong Kong
2011 Between Space. Viewfinder Photography Gallery. London
2010 Art Bin: Michael Landy. South London Gallery. London