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Susan Silas

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a bird from Ellen's yard, 2009 (image 5 of 28)
a bird from Ellen's yard, 2009 (image 6 of 28)
a bird from Ellen's yard, 2009 (image 8 of 28)
a bird from Ellen's yard, 2009 (image 23 of 28)
a bird from Ellen's yard, 2009 (image 28 of 28)
Artist's Statement

My work examines processes of decay and transformation in the landscape, in the landscape of memory and in the physical body. The aestheticizing of death functions in numerous ways --  from endless and loving depictions of the dead Christ to fallen soldiers on the battlefield; the glorification of death during the Nazi period and the current ritualized "martyrdom" of young Islamic radicals. I hope that in the empty landscapes of Central and Eastern Europe and in my images of physical decay I convey the fragility and complexity of sentient being; present, singular and inevitably lost.


Helmbrechts walk, 1998-2003 is currently at Hebrew Union College Museum in New York City and travels to Neuenhaus, Germany in June. It is the subject of two radio interviews - with and the BBC. being dead, 2009 (from the series found birds, 2000 - the present) will be the subject of solo exhibitions in Los Angeles and in Budapest in 2011. New projects include a photographic diary of sexuality entitled love in the ruins; sex over 50 and the video A child of 60's television singing songs that got stuck in her head -- depicting the artist singing intro songs to 60's tv shows. Her writings have appeared in Exquisite Corpse, Podium,'s REEL 13 and in ArtNet magazine.  full bio at: