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Suprina Kenney-Troche

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
This Too Shall Pass - 22' long wall made of detritus
Tipping Point-4th Stage Capitalism - 42"h wall mounted
Bang Bang Photo Op- 65"h on rotational industrial fan base
DNA Totem- 10'h steel and detritus
DNA Totem- detail
Artist's Statement

Creating art is a combination of incredibly intense and sublime moments, none of which you control. Its my job to show up everyday ready to work and while it can feel like slogging thru deep mud with only a vague notion of the direction you are going- continuing to plod is necessary to end w a result that I would call art. Its analogues to fishing… you do all the things your supposed to do like, get up really early, sit quietly on the rivers edge, watch the waters surface and with a leap of faith – cast your line. Once you have done all this, its up to the gods weather you catch a fish or a tire. If you’re good at your sport, you may be able to ‘feel’ what your coming up with, hence the Daimones. But a large part of the process is ‘doing the work’ and taking a leap of faith.
I often say- I’m not strong or courageous, but I don’t mind climbing out on a limb. In some strange way I’m comfortable there


2017 Rush Gallery- Chelsea, NY , Feb 24-March 26
2016 Rye Arts Center- Rye, N.Y, DNA Totem
Sculptors Alliance – Governors Island, NY.
Marcus Garvey Park - Harlem, NYC, DNA Totem
Schelfhaudt Gallery - Bridgeport, Ct.
Suprina studied sculpture at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. In 2013 she was awarded solo sculptor in a group show in Morristown Court House Atrium that later moved to Gallery Aferro in Newark. She exhibited 32 sculptures. Suprina was a featured artist in the first Flux Harlem Art Fair that ran in May 2015. In April 2015 Suprina was awarded a grant by the Puffin Foundation and LMCC to complete a large sculpture titled DNA Totem that made its debut in Harlem in March 2016. Fall of 2016 Suprina turned 70’ of vacant retail window space into a huge art installation on Market Street in Downtown Newark, N.J. Affiliated with Gallery Aferro. She has shown in galleries and small museums in Chelsea, Chicago.