Summer Romasco

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Studio Location
Opposition Research II, 20” x 16“, oil, acrylic, canvas, 2010.
Splice II, 24" x 18", oil, acrylic, canvas, 2010.
Opposition Research, 20” x 16", oil, acrylic, canvas, 2010.
Floater III, 24" x 18", oil, acrylic, canvas, 2010.
Splice , 28” x 22“, oil, acrylic, canvas, 2010.
Artist's Statement

I love a mystery: an occlusion, a slippage, a haunting, or a complication. I paint lack, the uncanny, disembodiment, doppelgangers, apparitions, and other manifest (visible) trauma – almost like painting anxiety. My portraits and figures are drawn from memory. Elusive and reflexive, they relate with singular objects or with space, to alternately encourage impressions of absence and presence. Featureless faces and omitted details suggest indefinite identities. Duplicate bodies evoke the other, the uncanny, and the mirror phase. I utilize women as my personas, patterns, and apparitions in order to direct and misdirect meaning based on each posture, silhouette, and hair color. Cuts and holes represent absence and desire. Binding and blinding motifs literalize a lack of perception: not feeling, not seeing, and not comprehending. Ultimately, I work toward images of intrinsic mystery.


Born: 1983, Perry, OH

B.A. Studio Art & English Lit, University of Rochester, 2006

“Blank Faces, Open Spaces”. Brooklyn, NY, 2010
“Still Life”, Art and Music Library Gallery, Rochester, NY, 2006
“Concerns”, URTV, Rochester, NY, 2006
“The Doodle Show “, Art and Music Library Gallery, Rochester, NY, 2005
“Isn’t it Obvious?”, Hartnett Gallery, Rochester, NY, 2005
“(En) Gendered: Gender, Identity, and Art”, SBA Institute, Rochester, NY, 2005

Take Five Fellowship, University of Rochester, 2007
Elizabeth M. Anderson Award, 2006
Susan B Anthony Institute Annual Exhibit, Juror’s Choice Award, 2005

Teaching Assistant, Advanced Painting, University of Rochester, 2006
Artist’s Assistant, Allen Topolski, Rochester, NY, 2004 – 2006
Teaching Assistant, Advanced 2D: Markings, Methods, Materials, University of Rochester, 2006